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Safe Kids Strong Teens

Sexual violence and teen dating violence have a major impact on the lives of individuals, their families and friends, and ultimately, on the entire community. The correlation between child sexual abuse and public health is well documented. Survivors are more likely to suffer from substance abuse and suicidal behavior than the general public. Child sexual abuse and teen dating violence can cause a range of chronic disorders including PTSD, as well as difficulty forming healthy relationships of any kind. The injuries resulting from victimization causes obvious and profound implications for the community.

For over 25 years, SASS has offered prevention programs in an effort to keep children safe from sexual victimization. In 2009, SASS merged their prevention education efforts with A Safe Place and created a comprehensive Safe Kids Strong Teens program. Using an age-appropriate interactive curriculum, this school-based K-12 prevention education program hopes to create social change for youth by achieving the following goals and objectives.

Goal: Protect children in the community from sexual abuse, sexual assault, bullying, sexual harassment & teen dating violence.

• Expand the number of K-12 students participating in the program.
• Increase knowledge and change youth attitudes that promote or condone sexual and teen dating violence.
• Increase the number of youth reaching out to SASS if experiencing abuse or sexual assault.

• Help children to identify trusted adults to turn to if feeling hurt, confused or scared.
• Assist middle & HS students to identify abuse, discuss options, and have healthier and safer relationships.
• Train teachers and other school personnel in the use of the curriculum and how to respond to disclosures of abuse.
• Educate parents about signs of abuse and encourage them to begin a dialogue with their children or seek help.
• Promote awareness of the 24-hour support, information, and services available through SASS.

Some of the initial successes of the Safe Kids Strong Teens program have come from schools reporting reductions in incidences of sexual harassment and bullying, increased help-seeking skills and improved decision-making. By far, the program's most significant accomplishment has been the many stories of children who found the courage to seek help after hearing the message of their right to be safe and free from violence.

During these challenging economic times, it is more important than ever for SASS to secure the funding needed to continue our efforts to keep children safe. With over 40,000 school-aged children in the Seacoast area, SASS needs the entire community to join with us as we strive to end sexual and domestic violence and protect our most vulnerable citizens - our children.

Community Education

Speakers and trainers are available for presentations for parents as well as colleges, religious, social, political, professional service and other organizations interested in learning more about workplace sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, or sexual violence in society.

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