Adolescent Workshops

Sexual Harassment & Bullying

Recognize, Report & Reduce
Grade 6
60 Minutes
  • Students define terms Playing, Flirting, Bullying, and Sexual Harassment
  • Educators lead frank but appropriate discussion with students about relevant examples of sexual harassment they have witnessed or experienced at their school
  • Students are challenged to determine whether certain scenarios constitute Playing, Flirting, Bullying, or Sexual Harassment
  • Bystander interventions and how students can help create a safe school are discussed

Media Matters

Grade 7 & up
2 Session series (120 minutes)
Typically a 2 session workshop, each session is 45-60 minutes depending on class length

C.A.R.E Series - Consent, Awareness, Respect and Empathy

Grade 8 & up
3 session series* (180 minutes)
Part 1 - Changing attitudes
Part 2 - Gaining knowledge
Part 3 - Building skills
*Parts 1 & 2 required, part 3 recommended for full benefit. Each session is 45-60 minutes depending on class length.
  • Educators promote the fundamental importance of communication in relationships
  • The danger of power imbalances is explored in unhealthy relationships
  • Victim blaming is challenged through engaging storytelling and real case studies
  • Educators help students dispel some of the myths surrounding sexual and dating violence
  • Age of Consent and state laws on sexual assault are defined
  • The use of technology and the implications of sexting are discussed
  • Students are encouraged to become upstanders and to take an active role in shaping safer and healthier communities

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