Adolescent Workshops

Power and Relationships Series (Grades 6-7)
Part 1 - Bullying and Sexual Harassment Prevention- 60 minutes

Students play a game using scenarios to clarify the definitions and behaviors of playing, flirting, bullying, and sexual harassment. Laws and school policy on harassment are discussed as well as what actions students can take to make their school safe for all students.

Part 2 - The Power Game - 60 minutes

Students examine positive and negative uses of power and how this influences their interactions with others. During The Power Game, students identify passive, aggressive and assertive responses and discuss the consequences of their choices. Emphasis is placed on the use of voice as personal power, standing up for oneself and others, the great potential of bystanders to effect change, and the importance of seeking help.

Media Literacy Series (Grades 7-12)
Part 1 - Images in the Media I - 60 minutes

Teens discuss media and explore the science behind how media messages affect them. They also develop an awareness of how the media uses gender stereotypes and sexual and violent images to sell products.

Part 2 - Images in the Media II - 60 minutes (prerequisite - Images in the Media I)

Students actively deconstruct media messages by looking at contemporary ads. The links between interpersonal and sexual violence, media messages of violence and objectification are explored. Students examine the influence that these images and stories told by the media have on their personal relationships. Students are challenged to look at their roles in consuming and shaping media.

Healthy Peer & Dating Relationship Series (Grades 8-12)

In this three part series students address the issues of victim blaming through engaging storytelling based on real case studies. The students become much more knowledgeable about the facts as they focus on dispelling the myths surrounding sexual and interpersonal violence. Teens learn about consent and examine the state laws on sexual assault. Laws and risks regarding the use of technology and the internet are examined. They explore their rights in relationships including setting and respecting boundaries and how to respond to a friend who has been physically or sexually assaulted. The importance of bystander response is reinforced.

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