Support Groups

For help after a sexual assault, read about potential options.

Sexual Assault Support Groups

SASS offers 8-12 week support groups for survivors of sexual assault. When 6-8 participants show interest in a group, the group will begin. SASS offers support groups for adult survivors of sexual assault, with appropriate gender group separation. In addition, SASS offers educational support groups for partners and non-offending parents. These groups are intended to help survivors gain further knowledge and understanding of the effects of sexual assault in their lives and to find support in a safe confidential environment. In particular, these groups are mindful of the help and support survivors can provide for each other. These groups will support each participant, creating an empowering environment where participants can learn new coping skills, and address personal goals.

How do I Join a Group?

To register for a support group, please download the application and submit it to SASS/A Safe Place at 20 International Drive, Suite 300, Portsmouth, NH 03801. Applications must not be emailed due to confidentiality.  Groups are organized with the needs and experiences of each participant in mind.  If these groups do not apply to you, please let us know how we can support you. For more information, please call at 603-436-4107.

A Note on Confidentiality

As a survivor of sexual assault you have the right to confidentiality, under New Hampshire law RSA-173C. SASS recognizes that the Internet is not a confidential medium. Please do not email the office with any personal sexual assault history. If email is the best way for you to contact us, please include in the email the best way for us to respond. Let us know how we may specifically reach you. May we leave a message on your answering machine? May we call you at work? Is it better to reach you by mail? Although the Internet and email are very convenient ways to reach us, it is not confidential and SASS wants all individuals accessing our services to have the benefit of confidential communications.

Upcoming Support Groups:
*Support Groups will resume in the Fall of 2015*
SASS provides the following types of support groups:
Non-offending Parents of a Child that was Sexually Abused
Applications can be submitted at anytime. Starting date is dependent on interest.
Support Group for Male Survivors of Sexual Assault
SASS is looking to coordinate a closed support group for male survivors. Applicants may inquire/apply for this group at any time. Starting date is dependent on interest.
Childhood Sexual Assault for Adult Survivors
Applicants may inquire/apply for this group at any time. Starting date is dependent on interest.
Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class
Sponsored by SASS and Seacoast Area Teachers of Yoga in Action (SATYA)
In the words of Bessel A. van der Kolk, “the body keeps the score." If you have experienced a trauma, be it physical, psychological or sexual, whether it was a single event or happened over a period of time, you carry an imprint. Because your body has been affected, it makes sense to use a body centered approach to treat trauma.
Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is rooted in body awareness. Movement and breath help participants have a safe present moment experience. Classes are held in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment are are adaptable to all age groups and differing levels of physical capacity.
Classes are by donation. Please see a brochure for more information about Trauma Sensitive Yoga and download the application in "How Do I Join" above.
*All Support groups are by honorarium and are facilitated by SASS/A Safe Place. Please see our "How Do I Join" section to download an application for these support groups.

For additional resources for support, visit our Links page.

If You Need Help

Call our 24-hour toll-free crisis hotline:
(888) 747-7070

or (603) 436-1627.