Spread the Word

Please help us get the word out about our crisis hotline and other services by agreeing to display our outreach materials in your business or organization.


Our goal is to circulate as many stickers displaying our hotline number as possible. It is important that our information be provided so that an individual can take down the number discretely. For example, a bathroom stall is one of the few places where a person is able to write down our hotline number in complete privacy. Another option is to place a sticker near the bathroom mirror, where people not using the facilities will see it.


Our crisis hotline posters come in two sizes, 10"x15" and 5 1/2"x8 1/4". We would like to see our posters hung in permanent locations, e.g. exams rooms at doctor's offices, therapist offices, waiting rooms, bulletin boards, and other visible locations.


Our brochures highlight the many services our agency provides. They are a great way for survivors to take information home and then consider the services we offer. They are also a great way to tell the general public about our organization.

Hotline Cards

These cards are the size of a business card and have our crisis hotline number printed on them. A person could discretely carry this card in his or her wallet to be able to call our hotline at any time.

To request SASS materials, contact us at 603-436-4107.

If You Need Help

Call our 24-hour toll-free crisis hotline:
(888) 747-7070

or (603) 436-1627.

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